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Características del producto

Formato de venta: Pack

Marca: Power Alley

Unidades por envase: 12

Características principales

Power Alley
80mph Lite Baseballs
Unidades por envase
Formato de venta
Unidades por pack

Otras características

Material de cobertura de la pelota
Material del centro
20 g
Tamaño de la pelota
9 "


The Heater Sports PowerAlley 80 MPH Lite Balls are vibrant green in color and are perfect for the most advanced ball players.

While using in any lite ball or real ball pitching machine by Heater Sports, these balls simulate speeds up to 80 MPH. While measuring regulation size for baseball - 9" in diameter, these balls are 2/3 the weight of a real baseball, weighing 1.2 ounces, and allow for fast pitch speed, quick ground balls, and high fly balls.

1 Dozen Optic Green Lite Balls HSG29
1/4 The Weight of a Regulation Baseball
For Use With Heater Lite & Real Baseball Pitching Machines
Lightweight, Safe For Indoor/Outdoor Use
Maximum Speed in Lite Machines, 80 MPH
Great For Perfecting Hand-Eye Coordination
Use For Hitting and Fielding Practice
Long lasting with improved accuracy
Regulation size Lite-Ball 9 inch