Colchoneta Para Hacer Ejercicio Hemingweigh. Cómoda Y Ligera

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Características principales

ModeloExtra Thick Foam
Largo x Ancho178 cm x 58 cm
Espesor1.3 cm


MAKES FLOOR WORKOUTS COMFY & CONVENIENT – Our floor mat is made from exclusive thick foam that’s super comfortable for men and women and large to sit or lay on. It’s also extra-long, measuring 23 x 70 inches, giving you ample space for Yoga, Pilates, Ab Workouts, Stretching, Mobility Work, Meditation, and more!

NO MORE SLIPPING AND SLIDING – Other ab mats can be slippery, especially if you’re sweating and moving around. This can be dangerous! The double-sided, non-slip surface on this large kneeling pad creates a firm grip with the floor, helping keep you safe while you train.

DESIGNED FOR EASY TRANSPORT & STORAGE – You’ll love the integrated self-strapping system on this yoga mat. It makes for easy travel transport and storage. It’s perfect for people that like to bring their own fitness mat to group fitness classes and yoga studios.

SUPERIOR MATERIALS BUILT TO LAST – Don’t settle for cheap fitness equipment that wears down after a few uses. This exercise, jump rope mat is lightweight but ultra-durable. It won’t fray, rip, or tear like inferior, knock-off yoga cushions.

BACKED BY A TWO YEAR WARRANTY – Thousands of fitness and yoga enthusiasts trust HemingWeigh because the quality is simply unmatched. Every non slip mat comes with a two year replacement guarantee. If it wears down (and it won’t), we’ll replace it at no extra charge.