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Características del producto

Formato de venta: Pack

Marca: Power Alley

Unidades por envase: 12

Características principales

Power Alley
Unidades por envase
Formato de venta
Unidades por pack

Otras características

Material de cobertura de la pelota
Material del centro
99 g
Tamaño de la pelota
9 "


12 Soft Lite-Balls from Heater Sports

The softest and safest lite baseballs on the market, these Heater Sports® Slider "Soft" Lite pitching machine baseballs are so soft that you can safely use them in the basement, garage, and backyard to improve your hitting and fielding.


• When used with the Starting Pitcher Machine (sold separately), the baseballs pitch at about half the speed of regular Slider Lite balls so Little Leaguers moving from tee ball league to pitch league can learn how to hit the ball without being afraid
• Slider "Soft" Lite pitching machine baseballs are the ideal add-on
for your Heater Sports® Starting Pitcher Lite Pitching Machine
• The optic orange dimpled design makes balls easier to focus on
and provides improved accuracy when compared to seamed balls
• Super soft for indoor and outdoor use
• Weights 2/3 less than regulation baseballs
• 12 balls per package
• Model #: SLB10
• Recommended Ages: 6 years to Adult