Espadas De Foamy Diseño Medieval 40cm Inofensivo Paq De 6pzs

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MarcaSuper Z Outlet
ModeloFoam Prince Sword Toy Set

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Each package comes with an assortment of foam swords with blue with yellow handles and red with blue hand covered handles. Perfect for distinguishing separate team activity competitions. Action packed sword play excitement for your little ones out door fun.

Perfect for class plays or playing make-believe games that are great for themed events like as stealthy ninjas, scary pirates, brave knights, warriors, and vikings! Makes the perfect pastime activity at home or school recess playtime.

Slay the competition with these active fun toy foam swords measuring at 16" inches long. Soft enough for play battles since the toy swords are made of foam and comes in a variety of colored handles with grey blades. Make a great kids warrior knight Halloween costume.

A fun and engaging party favor that is guaranteed to be a hit at any birthday party. The one and only active hot toys kids will love and remember. Make them the go to party games child's play activity swimming pool toys. Pair these with fun favorties like sports balls with other novelty toys, pool toys, water guns, and other novelty birthday party favors.

Each sword measures a total of 16" inches long. Every order includes a package of 6 foam swords. These toy foam swords are sturdy yet soft enough which makes them child friendly to ensure safety.