Asas De Agarre Para Jeep Wrangler 4 Piezas Universal

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Características principales



NICE DESIGN - Non-slip handle makes getting in/out easier and secures passengers on trail and bumpy road.
ULTRA DURABILITY - Made of ABS and canvas, durable and weather resistant.
EASY INSTALLATION - No tools required, adjustable straps.
PERFECT COMPATIBILITY -Suitable for all Jeep Wrangler all year
PAY LESS & GET MORE - {4 pieces design} just make you pay less but get more handle grips

Danti 4 x Roll Bar Grab Handles Grip Handle
Are you worrying about wearing out the seat from sliding in and out when you get out of your car ? Well, stop searching !

That's it. The Danti grab handles are there to resolve your daily concerns.

It's sturdy and give you an exactly different feeling when you or the passenger get in/get out the car.

We could tell you these Danti grab handles are made from the highest quality nylon webbing with an injection-molded handle.

We could say they mount easily and securely to any roll cage, padded or not. But none of that matters when you are bouncing around and need something to grab. All you care then, is if they work. And they do, every time.

When only the best will do, our Grab Handles provide ergonomic assistance to driver and passenger while climbing in and out of the vehicle.